The closest distance to nature

The Stars Frontier is located in Taiwan's most beautiful place - Qing Jing Farm. For high altitude, cool breezes, beautiful landscapes and more fresh air you can think of, The Stars Frontier allows you a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

A Panoramic View of the Starry Skies

Located 1200 feet above sea level, you can experience nature at its best. Unhindered view of the sunrise and the night skies are some of the most breathtaking scenes in Taiwan. Breathing in the crisp and cool air of the mountains will energise you, like a spiritual awakening into a zen state of being. Take your time to surround your senses with the sight, sound and smell of our valleys and mountains. Slow down your heartbeat and be one with nature.

The space that blends with nature

Jing.Star-sky Located in the most beautiful place in Taiwan~ Near Cingjing Farm,Surrounded by mountains,blue sky and white clouds, with the freshest air and the cleanest water. During the day, you can see beautiful sunrises and Yunlong Waterfall . In the evening, you can see the stars in the sky and hear the sound of insects. In the most primitive place in Taiwan, Talk to nature .you can experience this feeling of being close to nature~ Jing.Star-sky will give you the most special and memorable travel memories.

Quiet heartbeat

How long have you not heard the sound of your heart? Stay here,You will find that everything is stirless Only nature breathes and your heartbeat We invite you to listen to this song of the forest.


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